BARCELONA: High score in global city rankings

The 2015 City RepTrak® Report ranks cities from around the world based on their reputations. Published by The Reputation Institute

The 2015 City RepTrak® Report ranks cities from around the world based on their reputations. Published by The Reputation Institute

Barcelona get’s consistently high scores across various different global city rankings, which could help increase foreign demand for Barcelona as property markets become increasingly global.

Barcelona is in sixth place in the 2015 global city reputation ranking just published by the Reputation Institute in its annual City Reptrak Report, behind Sydney, Melbourne, Stockholm, Vienna, and Vancouver. Madrid is ranked 21st for city reputation. At the bottom of the scale is Moscow, which has the worst reputation of all the cities included in this ranking done by the Reputation Institute.

To score each city the Reputation Institute uses thirteen attributes grouped in three categories, namely public administration, economic advancement, and city attractiveness. Barcelona is in third place for the most attractive city in which to live, behind Rome and Paris.


Barcelona is also in sixth place in The Guardian’s city brand rankings (2014), prepared by the brand consultancy Saffron.

Explains The Guardian, “The report measures two aspects of a city’s brand: its “assets” – attractions, climate, infrastructure (particularly transport), safety and economic prosperity – and its “buzz”, a combination of social media (Facebook likes and Twitter sentiment analysis) and media mentions. Assets and buzz were each graded out of 10; the numbers were added to produce a total score.”


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Barcelona also ranked highly in The Economists ‘Safe Cities Index 2015’, in 15th place out of 50 leading global cities.

In future, city safety will be an increasingly important factor determining where people would like to live. “Urban safety is therefore a critical issue that is set to become even more important over time,” says the report from The Economist (see Barcelona ranks high in safety index).

With property markets globalising at dramatic speed, it’s reasonable to assume that high scores in prestigious international rankings will help attract increasing numbers of international buyers to Barcelona, where the city suffers from an acute structural shortage of property, hemmed in as it is between mountain and sea.

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