Cool Casa: A Palatial Villa in Palma, Mallorca

Mallorca_palace_exterior_vertAn eight-bedroom villa in the middle of old town Palma is testing the luxury market’s appetite for Mallorca property.

The four-story home, priced at an eye-catching €13.5 million, features a roof terrace and sundeck with expansive views of the city and the Mediterranean. It qualifies as a Cool Casa – and will try to earn its price tag — primarily for its location, a short walk from Palma’s historic cathedral, which will attract buyers looking for the city’s old world charm, more than Mallorca’s famed waterfront or sprawling estates.

But that old world charm is mostly in the classic veneer of this villa. The building was completely refurbished in 2010, giving the interiors a modern shine. In addition to the chic layout and shiny, state-of-the-art fixtures, the building includes a lift, home cinema and a double garage.

The building offers 890 square metres of livable space on a 222-square-metre plot, with a small courtyard.

There are a total of eight bathrooms and each floor includes separate living areas, “allowing occupants to move seamlessly from day- to night-time accommodation,” according to the listing. There are also separate staff accommodations.

The villa offers the type of extra amenities a buyer would expect from this price range, including a wine cellar, an indoor swimming pool and hot tub, and kitchen facilities on the expansive terrace.

“Despite its heart-of-the-action address, the palace is in a very tranquil area with easy access for cars,” the listing promises.

The offering price is likely to make even the stoutest buyers, think twice. But Mallorca is known for luring the type of top-end buyers who may not quibble about a few million euros. Or as SPI’s Mark Stucklin noted in a recent analysis, “the Balearics attract affluent buyers probably more interested in quality than simply cheap prices.”




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