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British Visitors: Using Your EHIC in Spain

This video has been jointly produced by the Department of Health and the British Embassy, Madrid to explain how to use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in Spain.

The EHIC can only be used in public hospitals and it entitles the card holder to any medically-necessary treatment that cannot wait until they return home.

For further information, please visit www.healthcareinspain.eu. The producers want to know your opinion on this video, please take their 2 minute survey here.

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2 thoughts on “British Visitors: Using Your EHIC in Spain

  • Nigel Wallington says:

    I have heard that people have been refused treatment in Spain even though they hold an EHIC card. My experience was quite different. I suffered a stroke in a small hotel off the beaten track in Valdemosa in Mallorca. I was visited by several medical people and then taken by ambulance to Son Espases Hospital on the outskirts of Palma. All completed wirhin 40 mins. I was met at the hospital by two doctors who after having handed over my EHIC card sent me for a couple of scans and certainly within an hour of my stroke having happened I was receiving treatment. I was in a room for 2 people (that seemed to be the max in any room. The treatment I received was first rate and I cannon thank them and their staff enough. It may have helped because I speak Spanish but only for ease of being able to explain things and in answering questions but I’m sure the treatment would have been exactly the same. Thank you Mallorca, Son Espases and staff.

  • Russell Edwards says:

    very good short vid!
    I’ve one question though: I read somewhere that if you take your EHIC card to any EU country AND you’ve taken out private insurance, you can use the EHIC cover to wipe out any excess on your private insurance.
    Is this true, please, and what level of excess would it wipe out? Thanks.

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