Thieves in Spain prefer Monday for breaking and entering

Recent data from the insurance company AXA reveals that Monday is the worst day for breaking and entering crimes in Spain.

robberTell me why I don’t like Monday? Because 16.3pc of all robberies take place on the first day of the week, knocking Friday off the top spot (15.2pc), according to a study by AXA of 20,000 break-ins in 2012.

Robberies on Monday increased 1.4pc last year, whilst the weekend continues to be the safest time at home, with just 12.6pc of robberies on Sunday. People tend to be at home on the weekend, so crooks stay away.

Mid-week, breaking and entering crimes are fairly evenly spread, with 14pc on Tuesday, 14.5pc in Wednesday, and 14.3pc on Thursday.

Thieves’ preferences do vary by region. In Extremadura, Galicia, and the Canaries, the most popular day for robberies is Tuesday, whilst Sunday is their favourite day for a bit of breaking and entering in Murcia.

The average insurance payout for robberies fell 5pc in 2012 to €1,082, according to AXA.

Break-ins are on the rise in Spain, no doubt as a consequence of the economic crisis. They rose 5.3pc in the second quarter of this year, compared to the previous quarter, according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior.

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