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Spain still top destination for British buyers looking abroad

Always a perennial favourite with British househunters looking abroad, Spain’s has kept its number one spot, and even increased its market share, according to a survey by TheMoveChannel.com – an international property portal.

Spain’s economy may be struggling but the country’s property has never more popular, according to TheMoveChannel.com‘s Top of the Props.

Spain held on to the number one spot in the overseas portal’s chart once again in June, but demand for Spanish real estate actually increased as the country seized almost one-fifth of the site’s enquiries – its biggest share yet.

Spain attracted 19.64 per cent of all enquiries on TheMoveChannel.com last month, a 1.83 per cent rise from May. This monthly increase may only be incremental, but with Spain already attracting more attention from buyers than other countries, it took a cumulative shift away from other Top 10 destinations to boost its lead. Indeed, the troubled eurozone economy has driven investors to places as far-reaching as the US and Brazil in recent months, but both markets saw demand drop in June alongside France and Portugal as Spain’s low prices and sunny lifestyle proved more appealing than ever.

This rising interest in Spanish real estate is even more striking compared to the Top of the Props rankings from last year. Despite reports that the country’s finances are getting worse in 2012, property enquiries are now 8.23 per cent above June 2011, pushing Spain’s popularity up to its highest level since the TheMoveChannel.com’s chart began.

The full breakdown of the Top 40 is as follows:


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