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President of Acciona sees first signs of optimism for Spanish property market

Investors are starting to look at Spanish property again says José Manuel Entrecanales (pictured above), the President of Acciona, one of Span’s biggest companies

“Investor interest in Spain is starting to grow again, even in the real estate sector,” said Entrecanales, President of Acciona, at a press conference for the company’s 2011 results. Acciona is a massive international corporation and leader in power generation, and also has a real estate division in Spain.

Entrecanales said he sensed a “note of optimism,” without denying that “the immediate situation is worrying.” Growing optimism might be a sign that “asset prices in Spain have touched bottom,” in part thanks to “the political stability after the change of Government creating stable expectations for the coming years.”

Entrecanales explained that in the last few months he has seen more interest in Spain from investors from all over the world, including North and South America and Asia.

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  • “The bulls are at it again! Just looking at him is enough to convince me he’s a Propagandist. How can things be on the turn when their own people are demonstating in the streets complaing of not having having enough money

    And even mad dogs and english men are finally wary of buying in Spain least they buy a property that maybe bulldozed down soon after with no compensate for their life long loss of capital

    Such crazy and ruthles laws from a predominatly catholic country????

    The whole property industry throughout the world needs change Everyone human being has the right to a decent roof over their heads at a fair and reasonable price that does not break one’s back to afford it This is a wicked industry that should be regulated by every govenment in the world

    One of the political reasons for a govenments attitude on prices always going up is to keep the ordinary worker hard to the grind But i believe if a man had less pressure to keep his family well and happy, he would enjoy his work so much the better and contibute to his country in a more efficient strees free manner

  • “Stable expectations in the coming years”? Is he having a giraffe? Without growth, Spain’s debt can but grow and grow to monstrous size, along with it’s unemployment situation. Even after the banks are finally forced to get their acts together, house prices — except in certain ever-desirable areas — and they know who they are — will continue to tumble and fall. There is still this unreal sensation here in Spain that we are about to turn some kind of corner where everything will be all right. How I wish that were so, or “¡Ojala!”, as they say in Spain when confronted by a hopelessly unlikely situation.

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