Definite signs of improvement

I am doing in-depth research into the Spanish holiday-home market the likes of which does not exist today in Spain.

Thanks to the work-load of said research I’m too busy to go into it in depth right now, but I can tell you that I am seeing real signs of improvement.

The market is still depressed compared to normal times, and very depressed compared to the insanity of the boom, but some things do seem to be getting better. Quality property in all price segments is selling at the right price. Demand is more diversified than ever.

The only way to know this is to get in a car and spend weeks driving around the Spanish coasts talking to agents, developers, lawyers, and house-hunters, as I am doing. That is the only way to get a true picture and a bigger picture that what is going on in your street.

One of these days I’ll write an article about it.

Nice to be able to report some good news for once.


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