90pc of holiday rentals generate more than 45,000 Euros per year claims operator

Short-term tourist lettings are extremely profitable, claims Grupo HomeAway, a vacation-rental portal

Almost 90pc of landlords who rent out their Spanish properties on short-term holiday lets earned around 45,000 Euros or more, according to a recent article at Fotocasa.ee, a leading Spanish property portal.

“With more than 1 million empty homes in Spain, many having enormous difficulties selling property, and a growing number of repossessions, holiday lettings are a magnificent way to earn income and avoid defaults,” Grupo HomeAway are quoted as saying.

Homeaway.es users are reported to be between 41 and 65 years old, many of whom are inexperienced internet users.

That’s what you will read in the Spanish press. Personally, I would be highly surprised if 10pc of holiday-rentals generated 45,000 Euros per year gross.


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