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Finally, I’ve gotten around to setting up an Spanish Property Insight Facebook page, which I hope those of you on Facebook will help bring to life. To kick off, a peek into my holidays on a private island in The Balearics.

I plan to use the new SPI Facebook page to publish the curiosities I come across in my travels around Spain. The genius of Facebook is the ease with which you can post anything from anywhere, especially if you have an iPhone. There will be a lot about property, but also other things that take my fancy. I guess it will be more personal and informal than the SPI website, and more about life and holidays in Spain in general.

To kick off, some insight into holidays on a private island in the Balearics, where I will be for the next 2 weeks. I’ll also try and find time to do a bit on property in Ibiza and Formentera, that is if I can tear myself off the beach. Easier said than done, because the beach here is out of this world. You’ll have to go to the new SPI Facebook page to see what I mean.

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