Valencia government approves massive expansion of Marina D’Or development on Costa Azahar

Marina d'Or coastline
Marina d’Or coastline

The Regional Government of Valencia (the Generalitat) has given the go-ahead to a massive enlargement of the Marina D’Or development on the Costa Azahar. Marina D’Or Golf, as the project is called, is now the biggest residential planning scheme in Europe, and its approval coincides with the biggest property crash in Spain’s history.

Marina D'Or expansion site
Marina D’Or expansion site

Located north of Valencia City, in the municipalities of Cabanes and Oropesa, the self-styled “Holiday City” developed by Jesus Ger will cover 18 million square metres of land, including 3 golf courses, numerous hotels, a theme park, indoor ski slopes, and more than 30,000 homes, 20% of which will be social housing.

According to Spanish press reports, the developer plans to start building the 3 golf courses first, leaving the homes for when the property market recovers.

The plans include a theme park called Mundo Ilusión, to be developed by the Generalitat, on 800,000 meters of land provided by the Marina D’Or Group. Mundo Ilusion is the pet project of Carlos Fabra, the long-standing president of the provincial government of Castellón.

Jesus Ger, the boss of Marina D’Or, has called on the Generalitat to start work on the Mundo Ilusión theme park to encourage tourists to visit. Ger argues the government should get behind the project like it did with Terra Mítica in Alicante.

No matter that Terra Mítica has been a commercial failure and waste of public money, as opposition politicians like Marina Albiol of the EUPV claim. “We continue to think that Mundo Ilusión makes no sense; everything suggests it will be a financial failure,” Albiol told the Spanish press, saying her party will oppose another “drain of public money as happened with Terra Mítica.”

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