The fibs that property buyers need to look out for in Spain

Vendors always went to talk up benefits whilst reducing perceived costs, but telling lies is another matter. In a country like Spain, where the information you get from estate agents can be patchy at best, buyers often find that the property or plot size ain’t half as big as advertised. Here are some other common fibs told by vendors.

  • There is no damp or infestations
  • The electrical installations are in perfect condition
  • This place never gets flooded
  • Taxes and maintenance costs are low
  • It’s a quiet area
  • They are going to build a golf course here
  • Your sea view is safe
  • You can get planning permission for an extension
  • There are no debts on the property

One thought on “The fibs that property buyers need to look out for in Spain

  • Another fib told by estate agents is that they only sell properties that are fully legal with all paperwork in place. I know from experience that this is not true in the case of one agent based in Mojacar, Almeria. I went through all of the process to purchase a property through them that they assured me was fully ducomented, only to find out that a permit for an extension build was not valid. They could not provide the correct papaerwork within the time frame to complete and the deal was voided. However, they still have retained 500 euros of our deposit (for expenses) even though the reason the deal fell through was the lack of correct paperwork which they assured me was all in order prior to me paying the deposit. They have ignored many repeated requests to refund my money. So anyone thinking of buying a property – BEWARE!!!!

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