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Minor victory for retired British owners of demolished home

Len and Helen Prior
Len and Helen Prior

Len and Helen Prior, the British pensioners whose home in Vera, Andalucia, was unlawfully demolished by the authorities, at last have something to cheer about in their battle for compensation. They can now move out of their garage, where they have been living for the last 2 years since their home was demolished in front of them, and into rented accommodation paid for by the town council.

Whilst fighting for compensation against the town hall and the regional government, the lawyers acting for the couple applied for “provisional measures” to house them in a property similar to the one they lost. That demand, at least, will now be met. The judge presiding over their case has ordered Vera town council to pay the Prior’s rent whilst the case goes through court.

“Len and Helen have indeed found a suitable property and are now waiting for the council to approve the agreement. They are both pensioners and their health has suffered considerably during the stress of the last two years. The demolition of their house was illegal and to date they have received nothing for their loss,” explains Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No!, the citizen’s action group campaigning for the Priors and others whose homes are at risk.

“They have NOT won their case, NEITHER have they received any compensation. These matters are still to be resolved.

“But we at the AUAN are delighted that they will at least be accommodated somewhere more suitable than the garage in which they have spent their last two anxious years.”

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