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Campaigning to safeguard homes in Almanzora, Almeria

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Almanzora region, Almeria
Almanzora region, Almeria

The property action group “Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No!” (AUAN) has filed planning objections against all four of the recent modifications to the Arboleas Town Plan affecting the areas of Los Torres, El Rincón, Los Menchones, the town centre, Los Torres, La Perla y El Prado, Limaria and Los Llanos and published on the 29th July for a one month period of public consultation.

The objections referenced the appropriate laws and cited the following:

  • The modifications were published during the summer holiday period when much of the town council and its advisors were on holiday and unavailable to consult with members of the public or their advisors.
  • Whilst Arboleas council made the maps available to members of the public they failed to provide copies of all documentation related to the planning amendments in either paper or electronic form in spite of the citizens’ right in law to obtain copies on demand so that they can properly consult with their advisors and make allegations.

The group submitted the objection to assert the rights in law of all citizens to properly participate in the planning process, and to have access to the pertinent planning information.

The AUAN has asked Arboleas council to extend its period of public consultation for one month, provide complete copies of the documentation and initiate consultations with interested associations and citizens giving them an opportunity to be properly informed about each proposed change, understand its basis in law and make their own objections, if required.

There is a lot at stake here. The council is asserting its right in law to ask for up to 50% of the total area of a development in exchange for funding the costs of urbanisation (roads, sewage etc). In some instances the homeowner is being left to provide the land because their constructor has refused to do so or is declared bankrupt. In other instances homeowners believe that some or all of their property is now on protected land. These people desperately need full access to the planning documents in order to best protect their interests.

After all the problems in this valley with respect to planning abuses it is time for the days of paternalism and obscurity in the planning process to end. All citizens of this valley have a right in law to know what is going on and to participate fully in the planning process if they wish to do so.

For more information contact: info@almanzora-au.org

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