Costa Dorada property market report 2008

Local agents report the market is performing well and prices are increasing albeit at around 3% across the board with good future prospects. The average price for apartments is around €250,000 to just under €1 million for a villa and property under €1 million sells within 6 months with more expensive property taking up to 18 months to sell.

The most requested properties are apartments, attics, semi-detached houses and villas and the majority of sales to date have been for villas worth in excess of €1 million. The market is mainly Spanish (60%) and French (20%) with a small percentage of British, German, Swiss, Russians and Scandinavians.

The Spanish tend to buy a second holiday home and spend an average of €350,000, the French and Russians are the big spenders with an average spend of €800,000 – €1 million. Around 70% of buyers are over 50 as it also popular with retired people.

The most requested areas are Cambrils and any frontline seaside property. However, 5-10 kilometres inland buyers can get a lot more for their money with apartments selling for €185,000-€300,000. There is also interest in the larger countryside “Masia” properties which often have a great deal of land.

Our local office is very confident about the future of this area and has taken on new sales staff and suggests that the areas of La Llosa, the port areas and La Dorada are worth investigating.

Cambrils Costa Dorada Property Prices

Villa with views, 4 bed, 350m21.500.000 €2 – 3 %12 months
Villa no views, 4 bed, 350m2900.000 €2 – 3 %12 months
Apartment with views, 2 bed, 100m2300.000 €2 – 3 %6 – 10 months
Apartment no views, 2 bed, 100m2252.000 €2 – 3 %6 months
Country house, 3 bed, 350m21.600.000 €2 – 3 %24 months
Townhouse, 3 bed, 180m2503.000 €2 – 3 %6 – 10 months
Plot m2

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