Mayoress of Marbella gives order to demolish 2 illegal buildings

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Marbella is full of illegal buildings, but soon there will be 2 less to worry about. María Ángeles Muñoz, the Mayoress of Marbella, has given the order for 2 illegal buildings to be torn down immediately. Both buildings are located in ‘green zones,’ and were not due to be legalised in Marbella’s new urban plan, still being finalised.

One of the buildings is a 3-storey block of flats built by Naviro Inmobiliaria, a developer linked to José Ávila Rojas, a local property tycoon accused of corruption in the Operation Malaya police investigation. Construction work on the other building, by the developer Prosavi, was never completed. Unlike many other illegal blocks of flats in Marbella, neither of these buildings has been occupied, making the demolition process easier.

The developers have been given 2 months to demolish the buildings, after which time the town hall will tear them down, charging all the costs to the developers.

The regional government in Seville made the demolition of these 2 buildings a condition of approving Marbella’s new urban plan.

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