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Spain lead’s the EU’s construction downturn

Spain’s construction output dropped 22% in April compared to last year, according to the latest figures from Eurostat, the EU’s statistics office. This was the biggest fall in construction output in the EU.

Not only did Spanish construction output contract by more than any other EU country, but Spain is also the only EU country in which construction output has fallen for 10 consecutive months.

On a yearly basis, Spain’s construction sector output fell by 6.5% in April compared to March, a significant jump from the 1.9% fall in March. This would imply that Spain’s construction downturn is accelerating.

Though the April decline in output was most severe in Spain, the construction sector decline is EU wide. Construction activity declined by an average of 2.4% in the Eurozone, and by 0.3% in the EU as a whole.


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