Judge fears “massive losses” for buyers at Trampolin Hills in Campos del Rio, Murcia

Buyers at the Trampolin Hills residential golf development in Campos del Rio could suffer “massive losses” as a result of planning irregularities at the resort, a judge has warned.

In a statement on the 12th May, reported in Murcia’s regional paper ‘La verdad’, judge José Miñarro García said properties at Trampolin Hills “appear to have been sold without appropriate administrative licences.” The developer admits that most of the resorts 2,575 properties have already been sold.

The judge condemned the municipal government, run by the socialist party, for turning a blind eye whilst hundreds of properties were sold without all the appropriate planning permissions.

In a little bit of good news for owners at Trampolin Hills, he also stressed that the town hall would have to compensate buyers for any losses resulting from a purchase of illegal property at the resort, not far from the city of Murcia.

“If buyers suffer massive losses, which is hypothetically possible, then the town hall, having allowed the construction and well publicised sale of properties without appropriate planning permission, is clearly responsible for damages,” Miñarro is reported to have ruled.

The ruling is a result of legal action taken by the opposition Popular Party (PP) against the Socialist-run local government, whom they accuse of changing the urban plan for Trampolin Hills without the support of the town council, as required by law. Some socialists are reported to have private business interests in the resort.

The judge also ruled that opposition PP have right to debate and vote on planning decisions relating to Trampolin Hills, and demand a halt to all works until the project has all pertinent permissions.

The judge said this would help to prevent a situation in which demolishing illegal properties at Trampolin Hills was ‘socially and economically’ unviable.

Trampolin Hills has been marketed heavily to British buyers, offering estate agents commissions of close to 20%.

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