I’m torn between moving to the Costa del Sol and the Costa de la Luz. What factors should I be considering, and which do you recommend (and why)?

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Property in general is more expensive on the Costa del Sol and the area is being heavily developed which is off-putting for some buyers. On the other hand the Costa del Sol is the more the consolidated of the two coasts, with a huge range of shops, services, leisure facilities such as golf, and a large expat community that can be important for people who would like to have a varied social life. The Costa de la Luz is cheaper and less developed but there is less property to choose from. To my mind it also has a more attractive natural environment and some fantastic beaches that the Costa del Sol can only dream of. However the wind, especially down toward Tarifa, can get some people down, though it also attracts a rather colourful group of wind and kite surfers. There are less expats on the Costa de la Luz, which can limit the social life it has to offer. However at the same time it does create a stronger sense of community amongst those that are there. The Costa de la luz is probably more suited to younger buyers than the Costa del Sol though it does depend upon your character and requirements.


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