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What people say about SPI’s newsletter

“I’m sure that you already know that your newsletter is without doubt for English readers the most objective and informative around. What a pleasure to read for FACTS and useful links. Please do keep it up.” Ian Menage

“My highest commendations and respect goes to Mark Stucklin and all of you at Mark’s honest insight and reviews through good and bad times has impressed me incredibly. I read a lot of journals and reviews and never have I read such a balanced, intelligent and honest appraisal of a market. If it was possible I would award Mark and his team with highest honours for their honest and fair handed appraisals of the Spanish property market.” Gary Young

“SPI really is an excellent website. I don’t know how you find so many interesting, relevant and important issues to raise and describe. Well done, many thanks and keep up the excellent work.” Michael O’Kane

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