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Spain’s Non-Lucrative (pensioner’s) Visa explained

Spanish non-lucrative pensioner's visa explained
Lawyer Raymond Nesbitt briefly explains to us today one of five legal ways to bypass the pesky 90/180-day rule that now affects all UK nationals post-Brexit. For a full overview of all the visa services LNA offers: How to spend over 90 consecutive days in Spain – General visa overview Spain’s Non-Lucrative Visa has proven wildly successful over the last years. The typical applicants are a retired couple who wish to spend their twilight years enjoying the very best of the gorgeous Spanish weather & fine food at affordable prices. Please note this visa service is only open to non-EU residents (i.e. British nationals).

NLV general requirements

    • Not to be already in Spain illegally at the time of making the NLV application.
    • Clean criminal record (previous 5 years).
    • Hire your own health or medical insurance (full coverage) with a Spanish healthcare provider (applicants must be under 75 y.o. to apply).
    • €29,000 in savings for the main applicant. For every additional dependant, you need to add a further €8,000 in savings.
    • You must not suffer from any of the diseases that may have serious public health repercussions.
    • Proof you can secure accommodation in Spain i.e. long-term rental contract or Title deed to Spanish property.
    • You cannot work in Spain, you can also not be working at the time of making the application.
LNA offers this visa service (Ts & Cs apply): Spanish Residency for non-EU nationals: non-lucrative visa What’s holding you back from enjoying a well-deserved retirement in Spain? Give us a call, and we’ll review your case. You can reach us at our UK line: (+44) 07543 838 218

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