LA PIEDRA PODCAST EP5: The Spanish Golden Visa, how demand has changed in recent years, and does it have a future?

In episode five of our ‘La Piedra’ podcast Sean and Mark discuss the Spanish Golden Visa, what it is, why it was introduced, how you get one, and the latest data showing a surprising plunge in demand in 2022 (if the figures can be believed). They finish off the discussion with a look at the practise of ‘home staging’ and the importance of presenting a resale property in the best light to increase your chances of selling successfully.

The latest data suggests that Spanish ‘Golden Visa’ demand plunged in 2022 and that, post-Brexit, the British are now the third biggest market for Spanish Golden Visas, after China and the Philippines, whilst North American demand appears to be on the rise. Sean’s experience of the market on the Costa del Sol, with between 10 and 20 American clients last year buying with the Golden Visa in mind, makes the latest data difficult to believe. The discussion then turns to the future for the scheme now that Portugal and Ireland have pulled the plug on their respective residency-by-investment schemes, before finishing off with a look at the practise of ‘home staging’ to present a resale property in the best light, and how this translates into quicker sales at higher prices.


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