Mallorca’s international schools are one of the island’s big attractions for expats

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The start of the school year brings home the importance of Mallorca’s wide choice of excellent international schools, which do more than just educate the next generation. They attract expats, and provide depth and stability to the island’s housing market.

Every parent wants the best education they can afford for their children, so the choice of schools is a key factor in the decision when families move home, especially if they go abroad.

The choice of international schools in Mallorca is one of the island’s undeniable strengths, and a big magnet for international families with kids of school age. There are 17 international schools on the island that educate children from preschool through to primary, A Level and the International Baccalaureate for students of up to age 18 years. 

None of this happened overnight. It takes decades to develop an educational infrastructure as rich as Mallorca’s, where the first international school, called Bellver College, was opened in 1950, followed by the Baleares International School in 1957, the French Lyceé in 1966, the King Richard III in 1969, Queens College in 1977 and The Academy in 1985. Since then more and more international schools have been established on the island.

Schools help build the community

Good international schools do more than just attract new families from abroad. They also help families put down roots and participate in the community as children and parents meet and make friends. Nothing integrates families into the community quite like a good school. 

It’s no secret that sought-after schools can help support the property market wherever you find them. They attract and retain demand for homes in their areas, and all over the world it is quite common to find a correlation between the quality of schooling on offer and property prices. Parents are prepared to pay more to be near good schools.

So not only do Mallorca’s 17 international schools offer our kids an outstanding education, they also add depth and stability to the housing market by attracting and retaining families from all over the world who come to Mallorca and buy or rent a home. This reliable demand nourished by Mallorca’s excellent educational establishment helps make the housing market less transient and volatile.

Families that wish to experience living in Mallorca can now take advantage of this wide educational support for their children who emerge multi-lingual and with the relevant academic certificates to move onto further education or universities in their country of origin.

Says Florian Hofer, Managing Director, Engel & Völkers Balearic Islands; “In the past five years new international school openings reflect the increasing demand of overseas families wanting to settle on the island and give their children an opportunity to learn in a wonderful, safe and healthy environment “.

Examples of family homes on the market near schools in Mallorca

A modern country property in traditional style with views across Pollensa for 3.975 million euros

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A spacious family home in the exclusive residential area of Son Vida with forest views and a large swimming pool.

About 10-15 minutes’ drive from many of the international colleges and Palma’s city centre. 3.95 million euros

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Exclusive to Engel & Völkers. The ideal family home within walking distance of the beach at Portals (Mallorca southwest). 2.350 million euros

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A classic Mediterranean villa with large garden and pool in Manacor, located close to the Rafa Nadal International School and tennis academy. 1.49 million euros

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Exclusive to Engel & Völkers. A modern detached house in Santa Maria with garden and pool close to international schools including the Montessori Mallorca school. 1.45 million euros

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