Bilbao’s Zorrotzaurre Island development moving forward

Zorrotzaurre island development bilbao
CGI: Picture credit the Zorrotzaurre Management Commision

One of the best residential plots of the Basque city’s 84-hectare urban redevelopment project has been put out to tender as Bilbao’s Zorrotzaurre Island development urban plan moves closer to becoming a reality.

Back in 2019 in an article about Bilbao I suggested that investors should keep an eye on this out-of-the-ordinary urban redevelopment planned by the British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid in the Bilbao estuary of the Deusto district, also known as the university district of the city. It looks like an interesting project in a city that has already pulled off a remarkable transformation from post-industrial decline to European cultural destination. I don’t know what it’s like to live in Bilbao but it’s a great city to visit.

The plan is to turn a derelict industrial site into a mixed-use city district with luxury developments, social / affordable housing, an eco-friendly business park, plus cultural and leisure facilities all on its own island in the middle of the Bilbao estuary. The masterplan was designed by Zaha Hadid before she passed away in 2016.

Last year the development board put out to tender the urbanisation works of the southern end of the island, and now the Spanish press reports that one of the best residential plots of the project with a development capacity of 300 homes has been put out to tender with a guide price of 40 million euros and attracted the attention of Spain’s biggest developers. 

The Zorrotzaurre project (Zorrozaurre in Spanish, Zorrotzaurre in Basque)  is slowly taking shape, and will add value to the surrounding area as it develops. Anyone interested in residential investment in that part of Spain should continue to keep an eye on it.

All pictures from the Zorrotzaurre Management Commision.

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