Sotogrande attracts Rockefeller money with luxury lifestyle golf development in San Roque

The Christian A. Rockefeller Residences and Golf Club sotogrande costa del sol spain

Christian A. Rockefeller, a sixth-generation scion of the American dynasty synonymous with fabulous wealth, has chosen the Sotogrande area to get into the “prime global residential and hospitality market” with a 200 hectare luxury villa golf development in San Roque, bordering on Sotogrande. The Christian A. Rockefeller Residencies & Golf Club new development will help cement the area’s reputation as one of the most upmarket residential and leisure destinations in southern Europe. 

Advised by real estate branding company Brands Lab International, Rockefeller has teamed up with Dubai based ICICB Developments to create “the first Christian A. Rockefeller luxury gated community of residences, hotel and golf club, with a unique concept that blends sophistication, sustainability and the best-in-class architecture,” according to ICICB, who refer to the project as “The Christian A. Rockefeller Residences and Golf Club Sotogrande.” ICICB have a promotional video of the new project at their website here.

Location of the The Christian A. Rockefeller Residences and Golf Club in sotogrande, costa del sol, spain
The Christian A. Rockefeller Residences and Golf Club estate beside Sotogrande, Southern Spain

Describing it as “an elite residential and luxury lifestyle community” ICICB say the development will comprise of a “gated golf club with luxury villas, a five-star boutique hotel, and a state-of-the-art golf club by renowned and award-winning Henrik Stenson in one of the most attractive locations in the Spanish Costa del Sol: Sotogrande.”

According to Brands Lab International “The landmark lifestyle community will be developed on a majestic site covering more than 200 hectares. Residents, members, and guests will enjoy state of the art amenities including a championship 18-hole golf course designed by the award winning Henrik Stenson Golf Design group, luxury villas up to 1000 square metres, and a boutique hotel.” 

The properties they plan to build will “provide residents with mountain or ocean views of the unique landscape of the Costa del Sol and African coast.” The villas will be designed by Florentine firm Archea Associati under Marco Casamonti, whose portfolio includes the Antinori winery in the Chianti region of Tuscany. Rockefeller has also teamed up with the Italian furniture designer and manufacturer, Giorgetti SpA., and the Italian architectural firm, A++, to work together on “creating a core identity with sustainability as its guiding ethos”.

The Christian A. Rockefeller Residences and Golf Club sotogrande moodboard
ICICB’s mood board for The Christian A. Rockefeller Residences and Golf Club Sotogrande

The cluster of world-class golf courses in the area helps explain why Rockefeller has chosen Sotogrande for his first foray into residential real estate development. “The family passion for golf has evolved into an important component of Christian A. Rockefeller lifestyle communities,” say Brands Lab Int.

“We will be delivering the highest echelon, and most comprehensive wellness standard available,” explains Christian A. Rockefeller. “Intelligent solutions will improve health, well-being, and performance. Such advanced systems will track and mitigate air quality, regulate temperature and lighting, while also filtering our water and enhancing sleep quality, all resulting in improved efficiency and greater fulfillment.” 

The Christian A. Rockefeller Residences and Golf Club Sotogrande new development will help to cement the Sotogrande area as one of the leading luxury real estate and golf destinations in Europe. It will be a welcome addition to the selection of properties for sale in Sotogrande.