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Tax deadline approaches for Spanish holiday homeowners

All non-resident homeowners have to pay tax on their Spanish property by December 31st – even if they have generated no income from it.

Modelo 210 Non-Letting Tax

Spain’s Modelo 210 Non-Letting Tax is levied on non-residents even when their property generates no income from holiday rentals or is not used by the owners and is left lying empty.

This tax is calculated retrospectively – and thanks to the double whammy of Covid and Brexit more owners than ever before now find themselves liable, owing more in tax than used to be the case too.  As empty rental calendars became the norm during 2020 thanks to pandemic travel restrictions. Whilst Brexit increased the Modelo 210 tax rate from 19% to 24%, as British owners became non-EU citizens.

Avoid issues with the Spanish tax office

However, awareness of this tax liability amongst owners is relatively low – which isn’t helped by the fact that the Spanish tax office does not send out any reminders.  And non-payment can have serious consequences, resulting in fines and complications when it comes to selling a property in Spain.  Whilst the Spanish tax office has also been known to directly take payments from non-resident bank accounts.

Save money on your Modelo 210 tax return

Owners who are aware of this tax have traditionally used lawyers or accountants to file their Modelo 210 return each year.  But this is fast becoming an unnecessary expense thanks to the introduction of a new service called Spanish Taxes Online.

Spanish Taxes Online are a team of professional, fully accredited accountants and offer an easy to use, one-stop service for non-resident homeowners.

Hassle free, five-star service

We take all the hassle and expense out of the process by calculating the tax owed, filling out the Modelo 210 tax forms and filing the return with the Spanish tax office, before providing owners with an official receipt.  All for a fee of just €59 (plus 7% VAT) for up to two owners.

Since launching online last year we have earned lots of positive five-star reviews from satisfied clients on sites such as Trust Pilot. To find out more simply visit the Spanish Taxes Online website.

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