Why the right real estate agent can make or break your search for Spanish property

how to choose the right real estate agent in Spain

As one of the busiest property markets in Spain, the Costa del Sol is home to dozens of estate agents. They range from local specialists to international brands. Some have been here ‘forever’ while others have just arrived on the back of the latest boom in luxury homes.

This scenario might sound ideal for helping your search for Spanish property. But not all agents will find you the house you’re looking for. Many of them may not have the home ticking your boxes on their listings. Some may try to persuade you to buy something completely different. And others will be focusing on their commission rather than a satisfied buyer. In this competitive (and slightly haphazard) market, how do you find the right estate agent who will make rather than break your search for Spanish property?

That all-important expertise

local real estate expertise

Experience and knowledge are essential foundations of success in your search for property in Spain. The right real estate agent knows the industry and the market. And both in-depth.

This expertise only comes with experience that, in turn, only comes with a track record that goes back at least ten years. When choosing your agent, pick one who has been in business for more than a decade because it means they sell property successfully.

Hand-in-hand with the years of experience goes market knowledge. The right estate agent knows everything there is to know about key fundamentals in a property transaction such as:

  • Market behaviour – where the area is in the property cycle and what’s in store for the immediate future. This knowledge helps you choose the right moment to buy.
  • Market values – what’s the going price per square metre in the area and whether an owner will accept an offer for a property. This knowledge helps you pay the right price.
  • Local knowledge – which areas offer you what you’re looking for including off-plan projects in the pipeline. This knowledge helps you narrow down your search to the right place.

Bottom line? There is no substitute for local and market knowledge and an agent with both will ultimately save you time and money.

The person behind the tech

property agent personality

In today’s digital world, estate agencies have a world of tech at their fingertips and most take full advantage of apps, bigdata, proptech, AI and VR. And many use it to wow potential clients. An all-singing and all-dancing website looks impressive at first glance, but scratch the surface and it may all be just empty air. Especially if the agency doesn’t have that all-important knowledge and experience.

Bottom line? Photos, videos and data are valuable guides, but in the end, you want advice and help from a person, the right real estate agent.

Professional above all

Successful business should always be about facts and never emotions. So, while buying a home in Spain is an exciting prospect and one you should certainly look forward to, you should never lose sight of the fact that you’re making a big investment. One that involves a lot of your hard-earned money.

Make sure your choice of real estate agent is about the facts too. Find out about their experience, how much they know the market. Make your first meeting with them almost a professional interview.

Bottom line? The right real estate agent will listen to you and make the transaction about finding the home that moves you.

What they say

real estate agents with latest tech in Spain

In a competitive market, testimonials will help you make a decision about which agent to choose. But don’t be content with reviews on a website only. Instead, ask to speak to one or two of the agent’s previous clients and get the true picture. Then, if the real estate agent is as good as the website reviews say, the real testimonials will tell the same story.

Bottom line? To maximise your chances of success, find a real estate agent who reflects your values so that they represent your interests.

Listen to the advice

Once you’ve found the right agent, listen to what they say and trust their judgement. Their advice based on local knowledge and proven expertise will ensure that you find the Spanish property that’s right for you and within your budget.

Bottom line? The ultimate test of the right real estate agent is whether they find the home that moves you. And at The Property Agent, we do just that.

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