8 reasons to buy property on the Costa del Sol (Andalusia)

Lawyer Raymundo Larrain gives us a brief rundown on the advantages of living & buying property on the Costa del Sol (Malaga).

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By Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt
Director of Larraín Nesbitt Lawyers
8th of April 2021

The Costa del Sol (Malaga) remains a prime market for the foreign worldwide community attracting millions of visitors every year for a host of reasons:

A pleasant all-year-round climate. The Costa del Sol boasts 330 days on average of sunshine a year. It is not called the Sun Costa for nothing!

Ultra-low taxation. As explained in our taxation articles, Andalusia has the lowest tax rates on both Inheritance and Gift tax in all of Spain, even beating liberal Madrid. In fact, so much so, that most taxpayers pay nil. Inherited estates under one million euros (per taxpayer) are tax-free for next-of-kin. Over one million, are taxed at only 1% on the excess. If you are looking to pay low taxes – or none – think Andalusia.

A privileged lifestyle. The Costa del Sol will spoil you for choice, as it caters to all tastes: whether you enjoy its beautiful unspoiled scenery, going out on a fancy dinner, practising sports, mountain trekking, horseriding, going to the beach, night-time clubbing for party owls, skiing (Granada, only a 3-hour drive), or simply chilling out in your terrace al fresco sipping a glass of a fine Rioja while you watch in good company a dramatic dusk silhouetted against a mountain ridge.

Excellent connections. Malaga airport, Gibraltar airport, modern rail network, toll highways, all help to connect Malaga to the modern world.

First-class amenities. Lavish restaurants, refined theatres, glam discotheques, renowned international museums (Picasso, Thyssen, Pompidou, etc), five-star hotels, golf courses, Malaga has it all! Your problem is that won’t have enough time to enjoy it all!

Top-rated international schools. The Costa del Sol boasts one of the widest selection available of top-ranked private international schools offering both the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the English syllabus (GCSE’s & A levels). Graduates enter top-ranked universities the world over following the Shanghai ranking of leading universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, LSE, Edinburgh, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, etc).

Quality healthcare. Malaga offers several state-of-the-art hospitals that will cover your every health need. There are also specialized beauty medical facilities that assist enhancing your physique, should you need a little magic touch here or there, for those in the know!

Covid-19 measures. To close, the Costa del Sol Authorities have implemented stringent regulations and recommendations, ensuring hygiene measures are in place for all our guests, inspiring trust, and confidence in all our visitors.

Marbella, it’s the lifestyle.

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