Selling in negative equity – what to do?

A regular phrase EU Property Solutions hear in our work is that individuals refer to themselves as “mortgage prisoners”.

They believe that as they have negative equity they have no option but to continue to pay the property mortgage and continue property ownership. Believing that selling in negative equity is not an option.

EU Property Solutions are experts in this field and have assisted in negative equity sales across Europe.  However, this option is not always available and it is essential you seek professional advice to understand your circumstances.  In some cases, you can sell but in others, there are other, more appropriate routes which can still rid your negative equity burden.

Our particular area of specialism is Mortgage Debt in Spain. Many borrowers purchased property in Spain pre-2008 during a boom and now find themselves in negative equity following the much-documented “crash”. Many ask “can we sell?” and in response-it depends.

Sales are dependent on a variety of factors including your lender’s protocol, your circumstances, and the property itself, etc. When you approach EU Property Solutions we give you all of the options available and those specific to your lender ensuring you have expert advice tailored to your circumstances.

Even if you cannot sell we can offer a solution which can offload the property and in some instances achieve a complete debt write off. Given expensive sales costs in Spain ranging from 8-10% avoiding a sale and negotiating directly with your lender through correct Spanish legal process can result in amazing savings and results.

In summary, you may be in Negative Equity but in some instances, you can sell but in others, you cannot. BUT, no one is a mortgage prisoner and there are numerous options available providing you seek expert advice. EU Property Solutions are proud that our knowledge of European Property Debt issues is unparalleled and we can assist or if not point you in the right direction in our network to resolve an issue.

Should you, or anyone you know, have a European Property Debt issue that needs resolving please call EU Property Solutions on +44 (0)330 124 1230.

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