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Google Map pins – simple but effective when selling your Spanish home…

Why is it so difficult to find the exact location of a property for sale in Spain?

When looking to buy a new home in Spain you can understand the frustration of buyers who are unable to discover the exact location of a property being advertised.

Buying a property in your home country is much easier when you already have some understanding of areas and their benefits. Equally, properties will often be advertised with an address or location plan to give buyers a better understanding of where the property is. When looking to buy a property in a new country, it is hard to imagine searching for a property without any real understanding of where it is.

When a property is advertised in Almogia, Malaga for example it could be anywhere within 164 square kilometres!

In many other European countries an address is given that allows buyers to research that area, check out schools and amenities and even check out who the neighbours are. Googl Street view even allows potential buyers to do a “virtual” drive past.

So, why is this service rarely available in Spain and why is it so difficult to find the exact location of a property?

The answer is that standard estate agents don’t want their competition (other agents) to steal their clients or for potential buyers to visit a property behind their backs.

But why should all buyers and sellers have to suffer and what options do you have…?

One way around this is to buy or sell privately with the help of Creative Property Marketing who display the exact location of all properties they are advertising for sale.

The benefits to buyers are obvious but when selling, the benefit of selling with a Google Map pin can be equally important…

* The buyer can immediately see the geographical location of your property and proximity to local amenities, airports, schools etc. thus giving them a better understanding of whether your property is suitable to them.

* Selecting, ‘satellite’ on Google Maps, allows the buyer to see an aerial, ‘real life’ image of the property. This enables the buyer to see immediately what surrounds the property, and in turn, avoids waste of time viewings for both buyer and seller. If a buyer wants complete isolation or close proximity to nightlife, a Google Map Pin Locator will immediately enable them to see if the property they are looking at, fits the bill.

* In most cases, a buyer can even do a “drive by viewing” using Google Map ‘street view’ – what better way to determine whether a property is suitable from the comfort of your own home.

So, if you are buying a property in Spain or selling one, the benefits to using a company that offers exact locations with Google Pins and Street View are immeasurable.

It saves time and money and can alleviate the “wasted viewing” scenario.

Whether you are buying or selling, visit the website of Creative Property Marketing and see just how beneficial the use of Google Map pins really is.  They are great believers in the fact that buyers need as much information as possible to make a more informed decision and for sellers, why not make the most of your location when selling.

If you are searching for a home in Spain or looking to sell a property in Spain, please contact Creative Property Marketing:

Website: www.creativepropertymarketing.com

Tel: +34 951 400 228

E-mail: info@creativepropertymarketing.com

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