Did you lose your off-plan payments to a bankrupt developer in the crash? Get your money back with zero risk of litigation costs with help from Spanish Legal Reclaims

When you pursue a financial claim in a Spanish court, there is always the risk that you will lose and have to pay the court costs, if not legal fees. But with Spanish Legal Reclaims, you also have the option of a zero risk claim, meaning you really have nothing to lose.

Spanish Legal Reclaims (SLR) is a legal advisory firm that recovers money for clients in Spain. They specialise in claiming back off-plan payments from the banks of developers who collapsed before delivering the homes they had charged for off-plan. Like many legal firms SLR offer their clients a no-win-no-fee agreement, but that only protects clients against lawyer’s fees in the event of losing. Legal expenses like court costs still have to be paid. SLR go one step further and also offer their clients the option of making a claim with zero risk of costs, even if they lose.

“Court costs can be substantial, in many cases thousands of euro, so some clients are understandably reluctant to go ahead if there is a risk of throwing good money after bad,” explains Luis Cuervo, CEO of SLR. “But our specialisation makes us so reliable when it comes to evaluating which claims to pursue that we can afford to offer our clients the option of zero costs, in return for a higher success fee. For some people, the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will not be left out of pocket whatever the outcome is all they need to pursue a claim.”

However, to make a claim with zero risk of litigation costs, clients have to provide SLR with all the information relevant to a claim, without hiding anything. “We found that some people withheld information we needed for an accurate case assessment, for example failing to mention they had already tried to claim and lost,” explains Luis. “We can’t extend this optional coverage to clients who are not fully transparent with us, so our contracts now include a clause to that effect.”

The Transparency Clause

The client guarantees that all information and documentation provided to SLR for the reclaim process is complete and accurate, and that any information that could be relevant to the case has been not omitted to SLR. Otherwise, the client shall lose the coverage of this optional service.

Get your money back

Did you lose money investing off-plan in Spain during the boom when you developer went bust before delivery? If so, thanks to a recent change in the law, you may now be able to get your money with legal interest. Contact Spanish Legal Reclaims for a free evaluation of your case using the form below.

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