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Challenging restoration of a magnificent home on the outskirts of Valencia City

We have recently completed a full restoration of a palacete (mansion) in Nàquera, on the outskirts of Valencia City on behalf of one of our clients, and we are dead chuffed with the results.

This imposing property built in 1919 in the gorgeous surroundings near the Serra Calderona natural park has as romantic style incorporating many features from Valencia’s architectural heritage, for example the roof tiles, the balustrades, and the wrought ironwork around the windows.

Despite its handsome features, the property had been on the market for six years without finding a buyer, which is when the owners came to us for help. We listed it and found them a buyer with the vision to see the property’s potential, and then managed the entire restoration project on behalf of our client the buyer.

Superficially, the property didn’t look too bad at the time of sale, but when we started peeling back the layers it became clear what we were dealing with. I nicknamed this our ‘jewellery box’ project, as every day brought new challenges. To give you an example, the original height of the kitchen ceiling was 3.30m, and now proudly stands at over 9m.

There was nothing simple about the restoration work. The downpipes were located behind the original walls and ceilings, creating problems with damp, so we had to repipe and rewire the whole house, and it’s a big property. The façade was covered in thousands of hairline cracks that proved to be a challenge. The windows and shutters had dried out, and there was a serious woodworm problem on the main staircase.

Working against the clock so our client, who was relocating from abroad, could move in in September as promised, we peeled back the layers and solved the challenges we faced. The stone work was taken down, numbered and rebuilt; the new fireplace made from a single piece of marble stands 1.7m high and weighs 3,800kg; the marble in the bathrooms is Onyx slabs 2.2m high and 1.30m wide (our original supplier wanted to deliver small square tiles of just 60cm, so we sourced this ourselves); The cast iron radiators were shipped in from the UK , baths from Cantabria, and fittings for the bathrooms from Italy.

It’s the most challenging renovation project we have managed for a client to date, but here at Found Valencia, we are proud of what we have achieved, and let the photos speak for themselves.

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