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SHARIO: Industry Observatory for companies and property professionals


I’m helping launch an industry observatory for the second-home and resort industry in Spain. If you work in the business, then this is for you.

Catering to foreign property-buyers is big business in Spain. They account for some 20% of the housing market, depending on which figures you use. This industry turns over billions of Euros every year, and contributes a significant amount to the Spanish economy.

Bizarrely for such a big business, the sector has no organisation or voice, and nobody researching and publishing business intelligence for the industry. I have often felt the sector is flying blind.

Which is why I am involved in setting up a Second-Home And Resort Industry Observatory (using the acronym SHARIO for short), to help organise the industry, give it a voice, provide it with business intelligence, and generally offer information and networking services of value to professionals in the industry.

We will also strive to inform the public policy process, as legislation has such a big impact on the business.

I know some of my readers work in the industry, so if you are one of them, I invite you to visit Shario.org and subscribe. Expect an information / networking hub to help you do business, and you won’t be disappointed. Subscription is free for now.