Expats to march against property rights abuses in Almeria

The AULAN citizens movement against urban planning and property rights abuse is organising a peaceful protest march in Almeria City on Friday 9 January. Below is the press release from the organisers of the march (Abusos Urbanisticos del Levante Almeriense ¡No!). I urge anyone who can attend to do so. The bigger the outcry and protest, the more likely it is that the Spanish authorities will start to listen.


Stop Corruption. Justice Now. Support us. We bought in good faith. Save our homes. Stop planning and real estate abuse. Regularisation now. Justice for the Priors. Transparency and Citizen Participation.

The organisers, residents in the province of Almeria, are holding a peaceful protest: (1) against real estate and planning corruption and insecurity and to ask for justice; (2) to ask for solutions and the protection of purchasers in good faith, some of which, are subject to the threat of demolition, and many of which do not have proper water and electricity; (3) to seek transparency and citizen participation in the regularisation process; (4) against proposed charges the Junta seeks to levy within the regularisation process, and which should be met by those responsible, and to ensure this is guaranteed in writing; (5) to ask for justice for the Prior family, victims of alleged planning irregularities, whose house was demolished over a year ago, and who have not yet seen any sign of redress.

Congregation and March starting point: Puerta de Purchena from 12:00noon. After an opening speech, the march will begin at 1:00pm, heading down Rambla del Obispo Orbera for five blocks, turning right on Av de Federico Garcia Lorca, then turning left after about six blocks at Calle Hermanos Machado, stopping in front of the provincial office of Housing and Territorial Planning where speeches will be made beginning 2:00pm.

Transportation: Those who wish to travel in chartered buses for a nominal fee should immediately contact:

Mojácar, Turre, Los Gallardos, etc.
nfo@aulan.es or 950069558

Almanzora Valley


Thank you for the support of the following citizens movements: AVEP, AULAN, AUAN, AUN, LSOS, Ciudadanos Europeos, Cantoria Residents Association.