30 days to register claims against San Jose, developers of Jumilla Golf in Murcia

Developers San Jose are soon to go into administration, so any clients who have bought off-plan from them need to get prepared to register their claims quickly.

On May 12 I reported that San Jose, the developer of Jumilla Golf in Murcia, had filed for protection from its creditors. Last Friday the regional daily ‘La Verdad’ published the judicial order declaring San Jose in administration.

Lawyers Irwin Mitchell, representing a group of San Jose’s clients, say that the decision is not yet official, but they expect it to be made so shortly.

Once San Jose is officially in administration, buyers have 30 days to register a claim against the company. This means that time is of the essence for any buyers who have paid stage payments to San Jose, and who wish to register their claim to this money.

Anyone in need of help should contact a lawyer immediately.