Unemployment in Spain – worst April figures for 23 years

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Unemployment in Spain rose by 37,542 last month, the first time since 1984 that unemployment has risen during April. Total unemployment in Spain now stands at 2.34 million, or 9.6% of the active population.

Over the last 12 months, Spanish unemployment has risen by 315,393, reversing a trend of falling unemployment since 1995.

The construction and housing sector was the hardest hit, shedding 16,647 jobs, a rise of 5.3% over March. Over 12 months, unemployment in the construction sector has risen by 53%.

Worryingly, unemployment is now rising in other sectors, such as services and manufacturing, suggesting that Spain’s property downturn is spreading to other parts of the economy.

Unemployment amongst immigrants rose by 60% to 92,000 over the last 12 months, and immigrants now make up one third of all unemployment.

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