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Spanish building land zoned and urbanised.
Building land market comes back to life, but recovery is patchy, and town planning an obstacle

The building land market is recovering in places, but politicians and town planners are some the biggest obstacles to a healthy land market in Spain….

Spanish banks still heavily exposed to real estate

A recent article in the Spanish financial daily Cinco Días explains how property assets still weigh heavily on the Spanish banking system, all these years…

Junk mail reflects return of property sector

After almost a decade of decimation the Spanish property sector is growing fast, and it’s showing up in my letter box.

Spanish New development repossessed by a bank
Capital, Property, and the People

Editor’s note: New rules from the European Banking Authority could set off a fresh spiral of Spanish house price declines and economic pain away from…

Steps towards greater market transparency

I’m involved in an initiative to help make the Spanish second-home market more transparent through better business intelligence. It’s a step in the right direction.

Furniture sales increase for first time in seven years

Increasing furniture sales are another sign that Spain’s low real estate crisis is drawing to a close.

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