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Bank profits at risk from rising mortgage claims

The Bank of Spain warns in its latest financial stability report that legal action against Banks for abusive mortgage clauses is another risk factor.

euribor mortgage interest rate for spanish property purchase
MORTGAGE NEWS: Euribor down in April, surprise fall in new lending

Another month, another record low for Euribor, but new mortgage lending hit a wall in February, after seven consecutive months of strong growth.

FAQ: Taking out a mortgage in Spain

Expert answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about taking out a mortgage in Spain.

spanish mortgage euribor march 2017
MORTGAGE NEWS: Euribor down in March as lending accelerates in January

Mortgage base rates in the Eurozone fell to another record low in March, whilst the latest data shows new mortgage lending in Spain accelerated in…

spanish home sales and house prices january 2017
NOTARIES: House sales and prices up in January 2017

The housing market really did get off to a good start of the year, according to the latest data from the Association of Spanish Notaries….

spanish mortgage euribor interest rate february 2017
MORTGAGE NEWS: Euribor down in February, lending rises in 2016

Mortgage base rates in the Eurozone fell to another record low in February, as new data shows that new mortgage lending rose in 2016 for…

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