Momentous Day + ITV1 Manana!

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    I don’t know why but I feel like Xmas has come today.. its a momentous occasion today (for me) because the elec company has turned up to connect me LEGALLY after close to nine months now of havoc and hell.

    I just am so excited that I had to post this, even though I feel its quite pathetic in a way, for me to feel so happy about something like that.

    Ironically, tomorrow at 8.00 pm on Holidays Undercover will be my interview. Is anyone else here on tomorrow’s programme?



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    Well done Carla!

    After 9 months you must feel like you have just given birth!! 😆

    Anyway, the important thing is that your electricity connection has arrived just in time for your TV interview.

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to watch it as we don’t have ITV here. Nevertheless, we wish you all the best!


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    Am sure we would all feel as you do after such a long struggle.
    Be a devil and blaze the house with light.
    Does this include your neighbours? Even the…………one ??
    Shall be viewing tomorrow. Hope they do you justice .

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    Thank you guys. Now only you will know tomorrow when seeing the prog, that I actually got my connetion the day before.

    Hmm giving birth. Now I’m not sure whether that is worse or not – actually probably not..I’d rather give birth, at least I could get a shower and a cup of tea afterwards.

    Our only thoughts today here at home are for a nice crispy oven baked pizza. Im salivating at the thought! Just waiting for the electrician to turn up and install the oven. Chrissake hurry up! 😛

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    Good on you Carla ! that is great news about you getting connected!
    I along with many ! many ! others will be watching your interview tomorrow night.

    Good luck!


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    I’m happy for you Carla.

    Think I’m on the programme with you. They certainly interviewed me for it.

    Once you have seen it let me know what it was like. I don’t get ITV so won’t be able to watch it.


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    My congrats. Hope your experience in Spain will turn into a good dream now!


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