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Barcelona has highest holiday let growth in Europe

New hotel in Barcelona with roof terrace views of Gaudi’s La Pedrera Barcelona and Berlin are the European cities with the highest growth in homes._.

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holiday homes for sale in Ibiza
Ibiza holiday lets priced out of the market

Holiday flats in Ibiza This year’s high season, particularly August, was disappointing for most holiday-let owners in Ibiza and Formentera, claims a local trade association.._.

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mallorca property for sale
70% of holiday rentals in Mallorca are illegal claims anti-tourism group

Mallorca Anti-tourism group Terraferida in Mallorca claim 70% of holiday-rentals on the island have no licence. Terraferida (Wounded Land in Catalan) researched the number of._.

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tax on holiday rentals tourist lettings in Spain
Holiday Home Taxation in Spain

This article is an outline of the way holiday-home rentals are taxed in Spain under current legislation. I have simplified it to avoid unnecessary tax._.

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Beach-front holiday rental on the Costa Brava
Long-term rentals on the coast deliver above average returns claims new study

“Non-tourism residential rentals on the beach are also very profitable” is the principal conclusion of a new study by urban Data Analytics (uDA), explains an._.

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Barcelona to punish Airbnb and tourist rental apartments as a priority
Barcelona City Hall to fine Airbnb for advertising illegal holiday-rental flats after locals cite tourism as main concern

In light of news that tourism is the biggest concern of Barcelona’s residents, City Hall has gone on the war path with a €600,000 fine._.

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