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MORTGAGE NEWS: 2017 begins with base rates at record low but fixed-interest mortgage rates look set to rise

Eurozone interest rates started 2017 by dropping to a record low in January, which was the 12th consecutive month of negative interest rates.

MORTGAGE CLAIMS: Government Decree favours banks over borrowers

A Government Decree rushed through last Friday setting up an extra-judicial process for settling mortgage interest floor-clause claims does borrowers no favours, and makes it…

Spanish mortgage refund claims

Suspect you might have been overcharged for your mortgage in Spain? Get the ball rolling here to find out. You might be entitled to a…

supreme court ruling on bank guarantees means potential payout for buyers of spanish boom property
MORTGAGE CLAIMS: Banks now also on the hook for mortgage setup costs

A recent ruling by the Spanish Supreme Court (Tribunal Supremo or TC) means that banks can be obliged to repay some or all of the…

Illegal or abusive mortgage interest-rate floor-clauses, and how to claim a refund if you have been overcharged

Some Spanish mortgage lenders have been overcharging borrowers using illegal ‘floor’ clauses that limit the minimum interest rate they can charge. Borrowers with mortgages in…

MORTGAGE CLAIMS: Borrowers start winning total refunds for floor clause interest overcharge

Within hours of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling that abusive floor clauses could be reclaimed without any time limit, Spanish judges started implementing…

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