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Spanish Property Watch Solution

If you have a home in Spain it is likely to be one of the most expensive assets you own, and therefore something you should keep an eye on to guard against intruders such as burglars and squatters.

With the threat of extortion by squatter gangs holding holiday-homes to ransom on the rise in Spain, it is more important than ever to take steps to keep an eye on your property, so  you can take action if squatters get in. Sign up right to be kept informed of a novel property-watch system that will help you keep an eye on your gaff in Spain, and an anti-squatter handbook explaining how protect against squatters, and what to do if they get in. ⇒


Soon to be launched, a simple and cheap solution to help you keep an eye on your property using the latest surveillance technology in a ground-breaking way, plus a guide to home security in Spain. Sign up here to be kept informed.

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