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Why are tasador valuations always wide of the mark?

They are the bane of the estate agent’s and developer’s lives, and also, of course, the confused buyer who finds that he/she can’t get the._.

Industry Insider article by
Survey Spain

A review of the additional costs of buying a home in Spain

When starting your search for your ideal property you need to keep in mind all the buyings costs that you are likely to face, as._.

Industry Insider article by
Ábaco Advisers

Off-plan deposit and stage payment reclaim FAQ

Many people who invested in Spanish property off-plan during the boom years leading up to 2007 lost their deposits and stage payments when the real._.

Industry Insider article by
Spanish Legal Reclaims

home for sale in mallorca
Mallorca market field trip, reports to come

Soller, Mallorca On Thursday and Friday I went on a field-trip to Mallorca to get a better idea of the current state of the housing._.

SPI article by
Mark Stücklin

Holiday-home in Mallorca, Balearics
New Balearic Islands Holiday Rental Law

Lawyer Raymond Nesbitt briefly explains the new landmark amendments made to Balearic Islands’ Holiday Rental Law (Law 8/2012). Introduction The Balearic Islands Administration has recently._.

Industry Insider article by
Raymundo Larrain Nesbitt

Exchange Rates Impact on Property Budgets

The current market value of a property is just that: it’s what someone will pay for the property at that particular moment. In addition to._.

Industry Insider article by
Survey Spain