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Spanish Golden Visa scheme picks up steam

The Spanish Golden Visa scheme has delivered better results for Spain in 2016.

spanish golden visa property investment
Spanish Golden Visa scheme disappoints compared to US

A ‘Golden Visa’ scheme in the US has been a big hit, whilst the Spanish version continues to disappoint.

foreign demand for spanish property
Spain a top ten global destination for Chinese buyers claims portal

Spain is the seventh most popular global destination amongst Chinese property investors claims Juwai – the biggest foreign property portal in China.

GOLDEN VISA: Investor numbers increase after “technical” improvements

The Spanish residency investor scheme, known informally as the “Golden Visa”, has encouraged €742 million worth of investment from Non-EU citizens purchasing Spanish property in…

Spanish ‘Golden Visa’ scheme tweaked for better results

The ‘Golden Visa’ scheme introduced by the Spanish Government to lure non-EU investors to Spain with the promise of a limited residency permit and long-term…

How to Apply for Healthcare in Spain

Expats retiring to Spain will need to consider health care along with property rental or investment decisions. Regular legal-contributor Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt strays again from…

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