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Spanish New development repossessed by a bank
Capital, Property, and the People

Editor’s note: New rules from the European Banking Authority could set off a fresh spiral of Spanish house price declines and economic pain away from…

Steps towards greater market transparency

I’m involved in an initiative to help make the Spanish second-home market more transparent through better business intelligence. It’s a step in the right direction.

Furniture sales increase for first time in seven years

Increasing furniture sales are another sign that Spain’s low real estate crisis is drawing to a close.

Spain – Barcelona in particular – a popular target for foreign investors

The latest European Attractiveness Survey from EY shows that Spain is still high on the list of European targets for foreign direct investment.

expat foreign resident numbers in Spain 2015
EU expats deserting Spain thanks to Government policy

The number of foreign residents living in Spain is in decline, especially in resort areas like the Costa Blanca. This is bad news for the…

Prof. Jordi Gual, sixth from the left, speaking at a dinner for real estate professionals organised by Amat Immobiliaris
Reasons to be “positive but not naive” about the Spanish economy

Jordi Gual – one of the most influential economists in Spain – recently explained his views on the Spanish economy at a private function I…

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