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mansion home renovation property near valencia city spain
Challenging restoration of a magnificent home on the outskirts of Valencia City

We have recently completed a full restoration of a palacete (mansion) in Nàquera, on the outskirts of Valencia City on behalf of one of our._.

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Found Valencia

rabassa lofts for sale in Barcelona gracia from Norvet
Norvet on how to choose buildings with the good renovation potential in Barcelona

Daniel Rotmensch, Creative Director I asked Daniel Rotmensch, the head of design and creative director at boutique developer Norvet, how they go about choosing buildings._.

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Mark Stücklin

new development costa del sol
Applications for building licences soar by 24.4%

Applications for licences for new builds went up by 24.4% in the first seven months of this year. According to figures from the Development Ministry._.

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barcelona apartment renovation video
BARCELONA FLAT RENOVATION: Quick video update on building work progress

It’s been almost two months since I last wrote about the progress of my Barcelona apartment renovation, as I’ve been uncomfortably busy trying to get._.

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Mark Stücklin

barcelona property renovation insulation
BARCELONA RENOVATION: Paying for the building work in stages

After two months work renovation an apartment in Barcelona’s Eixample district great progress has been made, and I’m delighted with the quality of the building._.

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Mark Stücklin

BARCELONA RENOVATION: Thermal and acoustic insulation

One of my priorities in renovating a flat in Barcelona is to ensure the best possible thermal and acoustic insulation for peace and quiet at._.

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Mark Stücklin