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Spanish property investment gone wrong turns out good in the end

This personal account of a Spanish property investment gone wrong was sent in by email for publication. Though a thoroughly unpleasant experience for the investor,._.

EU report slams Spain for trampling on property rights

Spain gets another mauling in the latest EU report on sinister town-planning practises and the ‘land grab ‘ scandal that has brought misery to Spanish._.

SPI article by
Mark Stücklin

British builders of illegal properties say just doing things “the Spanish way”

British owners of illegally-built properties in Zarra (Valencian Community) have told a court that they were just doing things “the Spanish way”, according to an._.

SPI article by
Mark Stücklin

Ryanair to abandon base at Valencia airport

Ryanair announced Friday its decision to shut its base at Valencia airport due to the regional government’s lack of financial support for the company’s expansion._.

SPI article by
Mark Stücklin

Valencian ‘land grab’ laws to be reviewed

After much criticism, and growing pressure from the European Parliament, the government of the Valencian Region has announced its intention to overhaul urban planning laws,._.