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Landlords to get better protection from squatters and tenants who don’t pay the rent

A proposal has been approved in Spain to tighten up on trespassing and the illegal occupation of property. Until now, home owners and landlords have._.

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Ábaco Advisers

Stiffer punishment for squatters?

Logo of the Spanish Okupa (Squatters) movement The Spanish parliament recently approved a motion to implement fast-track trials for squatting, apply stiffer penalties and guarantee._.

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SPI News Feed

Picture of the broken development in Sant Vicenç de Montalt (credit Ayuntamiento).
Unfinished luxury development abandoned by drug lord finally going to auction

Picture of the broken development in Sant Vicenç de Montalt (photo credit Ayuntamiento de SVdM). A luxury development  abandoned by its fugitive promoter just before._.

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Mark Stücklin

87,000 families squatting in Spain

More than 87,000 families are squatting in homes in Spain, which adds up to around 270,000 people, according to a new study by the Instituto._.

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Mark Stücklin

Squatters in Spain

Squatters are a growing problem in Spain. If you own property there you need to know what steps to take to avoid problems with squatters.

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Raymundo Larrain Nesbitt