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UK Vows to Get ‘Tough’ on Expat Pension Cheats

The U.K. Department for Work and Pensions says it is cracking down on expats who are illegally taking benefits.

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Spain Tops With UK Retirees, But Competition Growing

Yet another survey finds Spain remains the top choice for U.K. pensioners, but their attention is wandering.

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British Pension Reforms Could Boost Spanish Real Estate Market

The British Chancellor George Osborne has announced sweeping changes to pension legislation giving British pensioners much more flexibility over how they spend their pension pot,._.

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A guide to taxes and pensions in Spain

Articles on Spanish taxes for expat residents and property owners in Spain, plus some advice for expat pensioners living in Spain.

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Getting the most out of your pension in Spain

Many Britons wait until they retire before moving to Spain so that they do not have to worry about earning a living, relying instead on._.