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The cement graveyard

There was an interesting article recently in El Pais (Spain’s leading daily paper) entitled “The Coast is now a graveyard of cement” bewailing the over-development._.

SPI article by
Mark Stücklin

Spanish coast drowned in cement at fastest rate ever during boom

Spain sacrifices its coast to cementSpain’s beautiful coastline – arguably the country’s main tourist asset – disappeared under cement at the fastest rate ever during._.

Over-development leads to growing expat disillusionment with Spain

Expatriates who have moved to Spain, many of them retirees, are growing disillusioned with over-development, insufficient services, a rising cost of living, and fewer, more._.

SPI article by
Mark Stücklin

Andalusian government reveals strategy to protect the coast

The Junta, or regional government of Andalusia, has unveiled plans to protect the Andalusian coastline from further degradation, and strike a better balance between economic._.