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New developments in Barcelona for sale
Shortage of building land creates “price tensions” in Barcelona and Madrid

A scarcity of building land scarcity driving up prices in Barcelona and Madrid, say international real estate consultants CBRE, as the building industry gears up…

Home building in Spain: Ten reasons to be bullish

Ignacio de la Torre, a partner at financial advisors Arcano, who correctly called the bottom of the market for Spanish financial assets in 2012, gives…

spanish property glut
How bad is the housing glut on the coast?

A recent study tries to estimate the glut of homes for sale on the coast, where foreigners tend to buy holiday homes.

BBVA: Increasing house prices a “typical bounce back” as market turns corner

BBVA – Spain’s second biggest bank – describes the 4% increase in house prices announced by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) as a “typical…

spanish property glut
No shortage of homes for sale in Spain

There is still a massive inventory of homes on the market in Spain, according to a new study, and a two speed market that can…

A new property bubble?

In a recent article in the spanish daily El Pais, and following news that Spanish house prices are on the rise, property market expert and…

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